International Programme committee

The role of the SEB'09 IPC is as follows:-
  • To advise on the organisation of the conference;
  • To promote the conference and bring it to the attention of other researchers;
  • To advise on the topics of the conference;
  • To help with the paper review process;
  • To assist in monitoring overall quality.
We are grateful for their valuable assistance.

If you would be interested in joining the IPC please contact us.


Name Affiliation
Prof. Moulay-Ahmed Abdelghani-Idrissi University of Rouen, France 
Prof. Vivek Agarwal Indian Inst. of Technology Bombay, India 
Prof. Abdel Aitouche HEI Grande Ecole, Lille, France 
Prof. A.S.Bahaj University of Southampton, UK 
Prof. Frede Blaabjerg Aalborg University Inst. of Energy Technology, Denmark 
Mr Tony Book Riomay Ltd, UK 
Prof. Chris Chao Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China 
Dr Tim Cockerill Imperial College London, UK 
Prof. Emilio Corchado University of Burgos, Spain 
Prof. Juan Manuel Corchado University of Salamanca, Spain 
Prof. Derek Clements-Croome Director of Intelligent Buildings Research Group, University of Reading, UK 
Dr. Gouri Datta University of Delhi, India 
Prof. He Dexin President, Chinese Wind Society, China 
Prof Bogdan Dlugogorski University of Newcastle, Australia 
Prof. Prasad Enjeti Texas A&M University, Qatar 
Luis A. Fajardo-Ruano Universidad Michoacana of San Nicolįs of Hidalgo, Mexico 
Prof Ahmed Hajjaji University of Picardie Jules Verne, France 
Prof. Jishan He Director of the Division of Energy and Mining Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China 
Prof. Sture Holmberg Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 
Dr. Robert Howlett KES International & University of Brighton, UK 
Dr. Sam C.M.Hui University of Hong Kong, China 
Dr Kenneth Ip University of Brighton, UK 
Prof. Lakhmi C. Jain University of South Australia, Australia 
Prof. Hong Jin Harbin Institute of Technology, Heilongjiang, China 
Prof. Eric Kennedy University of Newcastle, Australia 
Prof. D. P. Kothari Vice Chancellor, Vellore Institute of Technology University, India 
Dr Sumathy Krishnan North Dakota State University, USA 
Prof. Anjui Li Deputy Head of School of Environmental & Municipal Engineering, Xi\\*an University of Architecture & Technology, China 
Prof. Shaohua Liu Vice-president of Northeast Dianli University, China 
Prof. Sųren Linderoth Risų National Laboratory Technical University of Denmark 
Prof. Yongqian Liu Executive Director, International Cooperation Department, North China Electric Power University, China 
Prof. Dennis L. Loveday Sustainability Research School, University of Loughborough, UK 
Prof. Andrew Miller University of Brighton, UK 
Prof. Behdad Moghtaderi University of Newcastle, Australia 
Prof. Nordine Mouhab University of Rouen, France 
Prof. Chem V. Nayar Curtin University of Technology, Australia 
Prof. Huang Qili Deputy Director of the Division of Energy and Mining Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China 
Prof. Ahmed Rachid University of Picardie Jules Verne, France 
Prof. V. T. Ranganathan Indian Institute of Science, India 
Prof. Saffa B. Riffat University of Nottingham, UK 
Prof. Dermot Roddy University of Newcastle, UK 
Dr Khizer Saeed University of Brighton, UK 
Dr Cesar Sanin University of Newcastle, Australia 
Prof. Abdulnaser Sayma University of Sussex, UK 
Prof. Javier Sedano University of Burgos, Spain 
Dr. Dominique Seguin University of Rouen, France 
Dr. Marina Sokolova Kursk State Technical University, Russia 
Dr. Jonathan Sprooten HEI Grande Ecole, France 
Prof. Mark Sumner University of Nottingham, UK 
Prof. Edward Szczerbicki University of Newcastle, Australia 
Prof. Alan Turner University of Sussex, UK 
Dr. Mummadi Veerachary Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India 
Dr. T. Nejat Veziroglu University of Miami, USA 
Prof. Jianping Xiang North China Electric Power University, China & CREST, University of Loughborough, UK 
Prof. Hongxing Yang Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China 
Prof. Xianhui Yang Director of Professional Committee on Industrial Control Society, Tsinghua University, China 
  • Wind Turbine
  • Solar Building
  • University of Brighton
  • KES International
  • KES International
  • World Renewable Energy Congress/Network
  • International Association for Hydrogen Energy